N.A. Miller Homes, L.L.C.
Custom Home Building & Remodeling 



    Owned and operated by Nick Miller, N.A. Miller Homes, LLC offers custom homes, speculative homes, remodeling and additions, along with deck and patio add-ons, to clients in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina.  With over 17 years of building experience, Nick Miller founded this company after gaining hands on knowledge in all facets of residential construction, land development and real estate.  He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is a licensed general contractor with the state of North Carolina.

    N.A. Miller Homes grounds it's business practices and product quality in honesty, integrity and dependability.  As founder, owner and operator, these characteristics represent Nick Miller both professionally and personally.  With the recognition that a home is more than a roof over head, N.A. Miller Homes creates value for clients and takes interest in their investment.  Nick is vested and personally tied to the growth and well being of the Lake Norman community since he is a local guy himself.  As both a builder and neighbor, N.A. Miller Homes provides construction to take pride in a long with the hospitality that turns these houses into homes.

    Building with us is truly a personal experience.  N.A. Miller Homes partners client ideas and needs with construction knowledge and experience, while still embracing the fun and excitement of the process.  Customer's budgetary requirements are met while adhering to the highest building standards by coupling effecient techniques and quality materials.  By prioritizing the "hands on"  approach, N.A. Miller Homes insures personal attention and regular communication through all phases of any project.  Daily sight visits are mandatory with this organization to make certain personal standards of quality are  achieved.  A house built by N.A. Miller Homes is a house built with thought, quality and care.

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